Pernix Pharma Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Ltd. - Zalaegerszeg

Let me introduce our company Pernix Pharma Ltd.!

Our company was founded in 2000, as the demand arrised for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in contractual work in a middle-sized plant in GMP circumstances.

The unambiguous proof of our high-quality service is the quick increase of the number of our partners.

Our most important aim is to offer our partners a service which enables them to concentrate their attention to their main business activities. We adapt to their special business demands, values and most important aims. We have proved for our Partners and we would like to assure our future partners that we carry out all activities placed at our company at a level beyond their expectations! During the years - adapting to the demands of our Partners - we have specialized for the manufacturing of solid (tablet, granule, powder), semi-solid (paste, ointment, gel) and liquid (solution, suspension) dosage forms and aerosol.

In our sphere of activity, the contractual work carried out for external companies is dominant. The products manufactured by us are distributed apart from Hungary in 11 European countries. Our basic aim is to gain and keep the confidence of our partners with high-level services. During our work we emphasize on the following values:

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • Adaptability



In order to achieve the above:

  • We fulfil continually and whole the requirement sytem determined in the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice, therefore we carry out our activities according to the measures of the GMP system.

  • We follow with attention the changes of the market demands in order to be able to react as quick as possible.

  • Due to our size we provide quick and flexible service, furthermore we increase the efficiency of the internal communication to the expectable level.

  • We choose our suppliers that the their purchased products would always comply with the specified quality requirements.

  • The manufacturing process is carried out by our well-qualified specialists, in suitable hygiene circumstances, paying special attention to the personal hygiene and the cleanness of the equipment and rooms.

  • We carry out all phases of our activity by supervised and documented processes, by the consideration of objectively measurable parameters.

  • By regular trainings we would like to achieve that the quality working manner and the quality center approach would become the attitude of all employees of the company.

  • The management is committed to the fulfilment of the above and ensures the necessary human, material and financial resources. Our aim is to strengthen our role with the products manufactured in contractual work with the strictest professional intensity on the domestic and international pharmaceutical market.


Mr. Gábor Bakos

managing director